About Me

This is a blog for book lovers and book skeptics. If you are the former, I’m on your team. If you are the latter, my husband used to be one of you. What can I say? I’m persuasive.

About this site:

Hi, I’m Kelly Wiggains. I take care of these people.

Family pic 2012

I left the public school classroom a few years ago, and I’m not ready to go back any time soon. However, I do miss teaching people about the world of literature. I miss talking about great stories. I miss elaborating, collaborating, and analyzing. I spent my teaching career convincing many of my students that books were not the enemy. In other words, if you are not a reader and don’t understand what all the fuss is about, I want to be your friend, too.

I want to surround myself with good literature, beautiful things, and big ideas. I want my home to reflect these things, too. I chase small people all day long. They want to read Green Eggs and Ham about 800 times a day. Therefore, when I find a spare 15 minutes, I want good reading at my fingertips.

Words are powerful, and life craves beauty. I want everyone to experience the beauty that comes from literature to living.

I promise to:

Recommend books I like.
Discuss different genres and writing styles.
Keep it short.
Try to make you laugh with Scenes from my Memoir (as yet unpublished. For example, the time I got hit by a car.)
Offer tips for the struggling reader.
Give advice about how to find great reads.
Make observations about life from the stuff I’ve read.

Things You Might Want to Know: 

1. I married a sexy band director (Sorry, band nerds. He is, in fact, the only one.)
2. I birthed 3 children: 2 male, 1 female. In that order.
3. The smallest of my children at birth weighed 9 pounds 10 ounces. (Largest? 10.9)
4. I know all you need to know about Quanah Parker.
5. I’m a homeschooling mom. My husband’s a public school teacher. We like to mix it up.
6. I’m in love with all things British (Read about Part Time Lovers, Cat Suits, and the London Underground and The Time I Saw Les Miserables in the Palace Theatre and got Really Confused).
7. I can’t fold a fitted sheet, but my mom can.
8. A new pen can turn a bad day into a good day.
9. I’m proficient in bubble lettering circa 1992. I still love hand-lettering and doodling.
10. I moved 10 times in 11 years.
11. I’m a firm believer in clean countertops.
12. I need Cary Grant movies or 90s chick flicks when I’m sick.
13. Bread making isn’t as hard as it seems.
14. On a sunny day, you will probably find my family at a park.
15. If it’s a Saturday, we are probably at a marching competition.
16. If it’s between 2:00-4:00 PM, we are probably at Sonic.
17. If you know to ask for red or green on enchiladas, then you speak Tex-Mex, too.
18. Margarine is not the same as butter. Ever.
19. If I have a new kitchen gadget, it will have more than one use.
20. My Netflix queue almost always has the name Sorkin somewhere.