Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland Multimedia iBook

August 9, 2013


Today I’m over at Smockity Frocks discussing a new iBook my family recently received. Come join me!


Alicewinks brings new technology to the classic Alice’s Adventure in Wonderlandby Lewis Carroll. Using the complete text, audio/visual narration, and 193 beautiful original illustrations from 12 classic publications, Alicewinks offers a new way to interact with a story.

Kelly Wiggains

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Kelly Wiggains, a high school English teacher turned homeschooling mom, likes to surround herself with good literature, beautiful things, and big ideas, and she wants her home to reflect those things, too. Here at she talks about everything From Literature to Living., 5 eBooks for $7.40!

2 responses to Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland Multimedia iBook

  1. Hi Kelly,
    just want to say thanks for the review. i am the producer/director/iBook guy and general sweeper-upper here at walrus & carpenter. i would normally send this offline but couldn’t find an email (i don’t tweet or facebook personally). anyway, i wanted to say that this review is the most thoughtful one i have seen, including the Kirkus Reviews one! no one else has suggested putting the text first, which is of course the correct way to do it. you will have to forgive me for putting the part that we did first, but i am just as self-centered as anyone. if you could forward me the navigational problems you found i will fix them in the next release (assuming we do a new release). i have to say that you truly understand exactly what we tried to do with this piece. it’s great when someone “gets it.” especially since i have been trying to get this out for 20 years (i started in 1993 on the mac, then revisited it in 2011 when the kindle fire came out and my partner William McQueen suggested doing the audio part.)

    thanks for interacting with Alicewinks!

    • Thanks so much, David! I enjoyed writing the piece, and my kids are enjoying the iBook. You can email me at kellywiggains at gmail dot com. I’m not sure why my email isn’t listed on my blog. Anyway, I would be happy to send you more information on the navigation hitches. Just shoot me an email and I can reply back!