{DIY} Christmas Gifts for Procrastinators

December 11, 2013

I’m sure most people post handmade gift ideas for Christmas in October and November, so there’s plenty of time to get them made and wrapped. I’m sure those are the same kinds of people who diligently change the air filter in the air conditioner, too.

I tend to be quite the procrastinator, and I’m actually pretty awesome at completing tasks in the eleventh hour. I thought I would go ahead and post some homemade gifts I made for this year (for a gift exchange at Thanksgiving). You still have a few days, right?

All of these are inexpensive ($10 or less), and most of them are relatively pain and stress free to make. Most people deem me “amazing” and “clever” after receiving the gifts. I assure them that I am “cheap” and “good at the Internet” instead.

I love finding the perfect gift for people I love, and most people like the idea of something custom-made and unique.

Rolled Paper Chess Set

Rolled paper chess picmonkey

I made this for my 11-year-old nephew, and he declared it, “Really Awesome,” which means I win at being an aunt. The tutorial is here for the pieces (you only need card stock and Modge Podge). I made the board in four pieces using 1″ glass tiles glued onto felt. I picked up a pencil box for $1 at Wal-Mart to store it. Overall, I spent less than $15, but I only had to purchase the tiles, the box, and black card stock. I had everything else on-hand at home. I would also recommend using a paper-cutter for this instead of scissors.

Sharpie Tablecloth

Tablecloth Pinterest

I made this tablecloth for a gift this year, and I wrote a tutorial over at Life as Mom. It cost about $10 to make and about four hours total to decorate.

Tea Cozy

I made this for my mother-in-law. My finished product did not look like the picture, but she really didn’t notice. I finished it in about two hours, maybe, and I used scrap fabric already on-hand.

Rice Bag Warmer

For my father-in-law, I made a rice bag warmer. There are several tutorials on the internet for these. I used one with a washable liner. I bought a bag of rice and used scrap fabric from home. (I can’t find the specific tutorial I used.)

Ginger Bread Puppets

Jessica at Life as Mom has this free template available over on her blog. I printed this out on some card stock. Then, I bought a few decorating supplies and stickers over at the Dollar Tree. I added several kinds of fun scrapbook paper and called it a day. My niece and I made puppets together that afternoon, which made the gift priceless for me.

Duct Tape Beads

So, this wasn’t a homemade gift, but it ended up being inexpensive and perfect. My eight-year-old niece is a crafting fool. She loves making crafts herself, so I bought her several rolls of colorful duct tape at the Dollar Tree and added some plastic straws to the bundle. I showed her how to make duct tape beads using this tutorial, and she had a ziplock bag full of them in a couple of hours.

In years’ past, I made this Paper and Pencil Game Set, a felt stove, sets of quilted fabric letters, baby go-bags, muffin tin crayons, this hot pad/tea towel,and a felt cupcake set. I’m sure I am forgetting other things, but these links should inspire some fun and frugal gift ideas before December 25!

Do you like making gifts for Christmas?

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  1. The chess set idea reminds me of one I saw on Lifehacker where they made the pieces out of nuts and bolts! http://lifehacker.com/5307432/make-a-chess-set-out-of-nuts-and-bolts