Twitterature: The Stuff on My Kindle Edition

March 14, 2013 — 6 Comments

twitterature monthly reading linkup short reviews

It’s time for another Twitterature link up over at Modern Mrs. Darcy! Come see what other bloggers are reading. We promise to be brief.

This month, I’m featuring books from my Kindle. The good thing about a Kindle? No pesky reading piles staring at me while I choose to watch Duck Dynasty with my husband. My library books tsk me (I know they do) for cracking up at the Robertson family antics. My Kindle just sits quietly, showing me cool pictures of pens. Because of this, I end up with virtual piles of books ready to read, many times forgetting I even downloaded them.

Okay, book reviews in 140 characters or less. Here we go:


Brideshead Revisited: Downton Abbey fans will dig this Evelyn Waugh classic. English country estate drama. Beautifully written, understated themes, strong characters. #NoPeskyO’Brien #SoGood


My Father’s Dragon: The Classic Story for Children by Ruth Stiles Gannett: A great early chapter book, especially for boys. My two dragon hunters give it 2 thumbs up. We want to read all three in the series. #Wildisland #TigersChewGum

Just Get Your Rear in Gear Already:

42 Days to Fit by Brandy Ferguson: A great guide to fitness with realistic goals. I’m excited to start my own 42 days soon. Brandy is a mom who understands. She encourages, prods, & cheers. *

Lose Your Mummy Tummy by Julie Tupler and Jodie Gould: This is to correspond with 42 Days to compensate for my diastasis┬árecti – a condition where you always look pregnant, even when you are not. **

Any good reads I need to add to my Kindle feed?

*Also, Brandy’s a pal – we once travelled to Oklahoma together in a big white van.

** Honestly, I’m not pregnant. The diastasis is a condition where your core muscles get separated. It happens a lot with women who have big babies, have c-sections, or have other surgeries in the abdominal area. I’m 3 for 3 baby (Goliath like babies, all c-section, followed by gallbladder surgery a year after my last baby). The more you know.

***This post contains affiliate links.

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6 responses to Twitterature: The Stuff on My Kindle Edition

  1. Brideshead is one of my very favorites. When Downton Abbey was new, it reminded me very much of Brideshead. I think after watching 3 seasons of Downton I’m ready for a re-read!

  2. Smockity Frocks March 15, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    I didn’t know you had diastasis recti. Do you read my friend, Amy? She has it too.

  3. I love what you said about the library books! They make me feel guilty too:) I’m mostly a Kindle reader these days myself. I recommended some novels on my Twitterature post, and four of them are on sale for 99 cents today!

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