How I Bullet Journal

Undoubtedly, the best thing I have discovered in the past couple of years for both my productivity and sanity has been the Bullet Journal method. Developed by Ryder Carroll, bullet journaling has morphed into a cult-like following. Search for bullet journaling or #bujo over at Instagram or Pinterest, and you will find gorgeous layouts from people all over the world. 

For my part, I use the Leuchtturm 1917 Dot Grid journals. (I purchase these journals from Amazon). I have been Bullet Journaling for a couple of years, but these journals make it almost effortless. I write with Pentel EnerGel Retractable pens with a 0.3 mm tip , and I occasionally accent with dual tip markers from Hobby Lobby.


My journal has a handy strap that can double as a pen holder. 


I like the dotted grid paper. You can buy lined paper or square grid paper as well. 


This is my index - the journaling game-changer. When I have something important to reference, I notate the page number.


This is my Future Log. Essentially, when I hear of something coming up in the future, I jot down the date and the event. It doesn't have to be in order. When I make my monthly spread, I come glance at this and jot down anything I have coming up for the week. 


I can keep all of my brain in this journal. This is my overall plan for the kids, and I reference it during the school day to make sure we hit the highlights. 


I reference this weekly when I make my menu plan and grocery list for the week. 


When I hear about a book in conversation or see it referenced in something I reading, I jot it down here. I ran out of room, so I made an arrow and noted the page number where I continued my list. 


Like I said, I have lists for everything. This one is for books that the kids and I have read together. I reference this list for my newsletter and when friends ask for recommendations.


This is my weekly spread. I have a list of what's going on during the week, and I make my menu plan. This was for the week before Parker's birthday party. 


My favorite thing about the bullet journal. If you mess up, you mark it out and find a new page to start over. No big deal.


This is my weekly To Do list layout. I make this for all of my tasks that don't need a specific day. When I find time in my day, I'll reference this list and work on it. 


My second favorite thing about the bullet journal. I have a planner and a journal and a place for lists. I can take notes from what I am reading, make a meal plan, and check the calendar in one book. 


My bullet journal is not pretty. It's messy, but it's functional! The bullet journaling method lends itself to artists and creatives who like to make things fancy, and the Instagram feed can show you that. Ultimately, the primary goal is function. I want to encourage people to jump in. If you have a planner that isn't working or if you have little sticky notes everywhere or if you have multiple journals and a paper calendar and a Google calendar, you might find this method helpful. It gets it all in one place. 

Kelly WiggainsComment