Enjoy Your Weekend


Hey Friends!

I hope you’re having a great weekend. We kicked off ours with a fancy dinner and art auction for Brookwood in Georgetown, one of my favorite organizations ever. We also have friends visiting us for the weekend and maybe a project or two we need to finish, but overall, we have plans to be lazy. Here’s what I enjoyed this week in and around the interwebs:

  1. John Steinbeck wrote a fan letter to Marilyn Monroe.

  2. Virginia Woolf made a Regina George-style literary burn book with her pals.

  3. A Telescope and a Compass: The Kinds of Friends You Need

  4. Two llamas had an adventure and a news camera crew caught it all.

  5. John Mulaney’s opening monologue for SNL last week was perfection.

We’ll talk soon —


Kelly WiggainsComment