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The Wiggains Family, sweating, in Lockhart, Texas

The Wiggains Family, sweating, in Lockhart, Texas

Happy Summer Solstice. I know we just hit the first official day of summer, but here in Texas, we know we have miles to go before we sleep. Summer lasts a long time around here. I try to focus on summer goodness instead of the sweaty backs of my legs sticking to plastic chairs. Bring on the farmer’s market and watermelon and sprinklers and late night ice cream runs and day trips for barbecue.

Speaking of day trips for barbecue, for Father’s Day, my crew drove down to Lockhart, the barbecue capital of Texas, to see if this little town full of barbecue joints was worth the hype. We ate a pile of brisket, ribs, and sausage from Smitty’s and loved it. I would recommend going on a day under 100 degrees because you have to wait in line beside an open hearth. Smoky.

My kids have been getting annoyed at how boring their life has been while I finished up a work deadline. They’ve learned not to say anything because that leads to extra chores, but I can sense their disappointment. But now that my deadline’s done, we will have more time for the community pool and some Austin hot spots this summer.

I hope your summer is all that it promises to be. Here’s what I liked from the internet lately:

1. We can’t get enough of this worship song.

2. This side by side comparison.

3. This freestyle session.

4. This summer cooking guide.


5. This commercial break that needs its own show.

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