Enjoy Your Weekend

Photo by  Atte Grönlund  on  Unsplash

I hope you’ve had a good week. Our family will be heading to a wedding this weekend and then hosting our ministry group on Sunday evening. I’ve been loving the cooler temps we’ve had around here, completely weird for end of July in Texas. We get a nice tease of fall before August hits. Here are things I’ve loved from the internet this week. Enjoy!

  1. The new trailer for A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood restores my faith in goodness and all things Tom Hanks.

  2. Speaking of movie trailers, this Atlantic piece asks all the right questions about that bananas Cats trailer.

  3. This lovely essay about communicating our needs.

  4. “Please Consider My Application To Give You Labor So That I Can Stay Alive.” McSweeney’s never disappoints.

  5. These panoramic photo mistakes made me laugh like a middle schooler.

Have a good one,


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