Enjoy Your Weekend

Happy 4th of July Weekend, friends! I hope you enjoyed a festive and safe few days with your favorites. We’ve had a week full of music, fun, reading, relaxing, and enough work to enjoy the time away. On Tuesday, our dear friends had us over for a music jam session, and Tyler and I pretended we were still young enough to stay up late and eat pizza. We loved it.

We celebrated the 4th with perusing our town’s festivities, eating good food, and watching fireworks from our subdivision entrance. It was a great day. Yesterday, we made funnel cakes, went see Spider Man, and got annoyed at the July 5th fireworks enthusiasts. Here’s what I loved from the internet this week:

  1. My post about Fourth of July that’s really about saying YES!

  2. Stan 2020. This Twitter thread is for every teacher who loved the snarky kids.

  3. This lovely Independence Day tribute that hits all of the complexities with nuance and grace.

  4. This app restored my faith in humanity this week.

  5. The guy to follow when you watch the World Cup Final tomorrow. You’re watching, right?

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