Enjoy Your Weekend

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Hey Friends! This week started off with celebrating Tyler’s 40th birthday. Then, I spent much of my time ordering a new journal, getting sent the wrong one, and returning it for free to Kohl’s. I still don’t have a new journal. Sigh. We spent the rest of the week gearing up for fall, swimming by ourselves in the neighborhood pool while everyone else went back to school, finishing a Thoreau biography, and buying new, gigantic tennis shoes for my oldest. We reached dire emergency stage when I looked down at him sticking his toe out of the sole of his old pair. Do you ever have weeks like this? These are my favorite things from the internet this week:

  1. I wrote about self-reflection and not giving advice on the blog.

  2. After listening to this episode of Revisionist History, I’ve been listening to Pat Boone and craving Taco Bell? Just trust me.

  3. I’m pumped about this new Little Women adaptation, especially after reading a lengthy biography about Henry David Thoreau (Louisa May Alcott was one of his neighbors.) I liked this article, too.

  4. I’d like to buy this whole line of Malicious Women Candles, please.

  5. This piece in The Atlantic about friendship is worth your time. (Also, did you know that Ralph Waldo Emerson and his Transcendentalist buddies — like the Alcotts and Thoreau — helped start The Atlantic and provided its content? Did I mention I read a biography about Thoreau?)

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