Enjoy Your Weekend

Photo by  mvp  on  Unsplash

Photo by mvp on Unsplash

Hey friends! I hope your Friday is as magical as it promises to be. Our family is trucking along with summer, and sort of thinking about maybe having school again soon. Maybe. We have a BIG birthday coming up this week (the oldest Wiglet is officially entering the teen years. Bananas.), Tyler and I have an anniversary, and then Tyler turns 40 early next week. We have plans for steak and lots of desserts for my guys and a family getaway on down the road. Here are my favorite finds from the internet this week:

  1. I talked about letting go of identity for yourself and God on the blog this week.

  2. This article explores a best-selling author’s dark past. Her book might even touch on the same themes, and you’ve probably already read it (I recommended in my monthly newsletter). Super interesting.

  3. FRIENDS inspired housewares from Pottery Barn? Shut up and take my money. Guys. There’s an apothecary table!

  4. A recently discovered Steinbeck short story set in Paris sounds delightful.

  5. A musical about the wives of King Henry VIII is coming to Broadway. As Tyler said, “I feel like Kelly’s world is swiftly taking over.” You’re welcome, Universe.



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