Enjoy Your Weekend

Our Keynan turned 13 this week.

Our Keynan turned 13 this week.

August is an expensive month in our family: Tyler and I have our anniversary. Our oldest has a birthday; Tyler has a birthday, and we also have 3 more anniversaries and 2 more birthdays on our extended side. (What do you buy a thirteen-year-old boy? A storage ottoman from Target and these.) But August is also our time to gear up for school and schedules and plans and all the things. It can get a bit overwhelming. I’m hoping to take this next week to enjoy our long days, but do my Future Self a favor or two to make sure we are ready for the fall. I hope you have a great weekend! Here’s what I loved from The Internets this week:

  1. I wrote about lessons I’ve learned in 17 years of marriage.

  2. Kendra, The Lazy Genius, has a great episode about preparing for the fall while still enjoying summer.

  3. A great Twitter thread for editing tricks.

  4. When you accidentally get invited to speak at a dental convention, take advantage!

  5. When a book sale advertisement makes me teary.



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