Enjoy Your Weekend


Happy Weekend, friends. Tyler and I are enjoying his parents coming to visit us. The kids get quality time with their grandparents, and Tyler and I get some time to be a leisurely Saturday couple that eats brunch and talks for hours uninterrupted. It’s been lovely. My monthly newsletter hits inboxes next Friday, September 27th. I’m excited to share my favorite reads from this month and a new essay. In the meantime, take care and rest up!

  1. The world can be really terrible, and it can also be really funny.

  2. I mean, there are worse things to buy on an impulse.

  3. Two of my current favorites teaming up: Lizzo and libraries.

  4. My oldest son is finishing up this series now, and we have SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT.

  5. From the archives: “I can still be present and comforting to those around me who need some emotional support. But I can also decide if I want to join a person in their emotions — or not.”

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